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Peer-to-peer property rental (also known as person-to-person home rental) is the process whereby an existing house owner makes their house or an empty room available for others to rent for short periods of time as an alternative form of accommodation.
Peer-to-peer property rental is a form of peer-to-peer renting, an aspect of the sharing economy. The business model is very similar to traditional vacation rental. With peer-to-peer property rental, participating house owners are able to make money by renting out the house where they live while they are away or an empty room they might have available.
Businesses within this sector typically apply some form of screening of participants (both owners and renters) and a technical solution, usually in the form of a website, that brings these parties together, manages rental bookings and collects payment. Increasingly, an automated form of insurance and breakdown coverage will be applied to rentals that take place through the service in order to protect the property owner.

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